Harnessing the Power of Data at Metro Water Recovery

Wastewater treatment plants around the world are utilizing the power of data to reduce costs and improve operations. However, working with data at large organizations like Metro Water Recovery presents numerous challenges. Employees in different […]

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work at NTP

Quite literally, without the expertise of our employees who serve in the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Departments, our services would not run. Without their extensive knowledge of systems, processes, technology […]

Metro Water Recovery Employees Supported by Award-Winning Wellness Program

Metro Water Recovery provides a support station during Denver’s annual Bike to Work Day event. Staffed by volunteers at Metro, the station offers water, snacks, and bicycle tools for event participants from the community. On the day of the […]

2021 Chairman’s Award Announced

Left to right: Patricia Lopez (Employment Manager, HR), Colleen Dempsey (Director of Human Resources), and Scott Twombly (Board Chairman) pose for a photo during the December Metro Water Recovery Board […]

Day or Night the Sampling Team’s Got It Covered

The Environmental Sampling team includes Patrick Maes, Anthony Pino, Craig Thomas, Natalie Lundell, Darnell Tullock, Gabriel Sisneros, and Jay Halliwell (left to right). At Metro Water Recovery we’re proud of […]

Metro Water Recovery Resumes Public Tours

Have you always wanted to learn more about the main steps of the wastewater treatment process but were afraid to ask? Well, you’re in luck because Metro Water Recovery can […]

We love bugs!

Did you know that insects are by far the most common animals on our planet? At Metro Water Recovery, we love bugs! There are many kinds of insects that live most of […]

Summer and Fall Harvest on the METROGRO Farm

Located approximately 65 miles east of metropolitan Denver, the METROGRO Farm is owned and operated by Metro Water Recovery. Metro acquired the 52,000-acre Farm in the late 20th century as […]

Honoring Our Veterans

To put it simply, Metro Water Recovery would not be the same without our employees who have served in the armed forces. We’re proud of the nearly 40 Veteran employees […]

Struvite Is History

Thursday, August 26, 2021, was a day for the Metro Water Recovery history books as we transferred our first load of phosphorus-rich struvite to A1 Organics, a local composting company. This load of struvite totaled around 23 tons of magnesium ammonium phosphate […]