Sponsorship Program

2024 Note:

Metro Water Recovery sponsorships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. We have awarded the budget allocated for 2024. The cycle for 2025 will open again in November of this year.

Metro Water Recovery (Metro) supports our communities through sponsorships to local and regional non-profit organizations that align with our mission: to protect the region’s health and environment by cleaning water and recovering resources.

As the largest wastewater treatment provider in the Rocky Mountain West, the water we clean is suitable for agriculture, aquatic life, recreation, and water supply. In partnership with 62 local governments, including cities, sanitation districts, and water and sanitation districts, we serve approximately 2.2 million people across an 817 square-mile service area.  

Our Sponsorship Goals

  • Support Metro’s mission, vision, and values and help increase brand awareness
  • Build relationships with messages that reach Metro’s target audiences
  • Reflect appropriate and accountable use of public funds
  • Provide a mutually agreed upon business result

Sponsorships are available throughout the year. Please submit your request at least two months prior to your event. Sponsorships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

Information and Guidelines

Sponsorship requests are subject to budgetary limitations and must meet specific requirements. Please read the information and guidelines before submitting the webform.

Target Audience

Sponsorships must assist in building relationships with stakeholders within Metro’s service area or with industry partners (local, regional, or national).

Criteria and Relevance

Sponsorships must support Metro’s mission to protect the region’s health by cleaning water and recovering resources and be relevant to wastewater treatment, water recovery and reuse, public health, the environment, and/or environmental education.

Use of Public Funds

All sponsorships must reflect appropriate and accountable use of public funds. Due to a limited budget, sponsorship requests are capped at $1,500 per event or program.


A measurable, mutually agreed-upon business result (ROI) must be achieved.

Additional Information

Read more about our Vision, Mission, Values, and Strategic Initiatives in our Strategic Plan.

To find out which types of programs and events we are unable to sponsor, please see our exclusions.

Image of a concert with sponsor banners