The Fight to Eliminate “Forever Chemicals”- PFAS

How manufacturers sell consumer favorites such as grease-resistant cookware, stain-resistant carpet, cosmetics and waterproof items will soon change.   With the help of PFAS, these everyday products have helped make life […]

Meet Metro’s Process Control Engineers

The Warehouse Crew includes Fabian Morine, Tom Copeland, Stan Light, Tawnya Thorfinson, Jordyn West,
Denise Manguso, and Kevin Cline (left to right; not pictured, Patricia Contreras).

Join Us June 29

Join Metro Water Recovery employees for our first hybrid open house and facility tour. We will be sharing information, virtually and in person, about Metro’s 60 years of taking care […]

Metro Welcomes Flows from the City of Fort Lupton

As a wholesale wastewater treatment provider, Metro Water Recovery proudly serves local governments – composed of both cities and sanitation districts – we call Connectors. Today, we’re privileged to announce […]

Meet the Instrument Solution Group, Metro’s Data Curators

When your water goes down the drain, countless individuals with technical and scientific expertise work tirelessly to treat and recover this water. Metro Water Recovery’s treatment facilities operate 24/7, 365 […]

The RED Team – Putting Our People First

The Human Resources Department’s Employment Services Division includes (left to right) Mike Holmes, Patricia Lopez, Scott Reed, and Kristin Libberton. The Employment Services Division is part of the Human Resources […]

Metro Minutes: Where Does it all go?

Have you ever wondered what happens to your water once it goes down your drain, sink, or toilet? Find out more about our efforts to treat wastewater and recover resources […]