The RED Team – Putting Our People First

The Human Resources Department’s Employment Services Division includes (left to right) Mike Holmes, Patricia Lopez, Scott Reed, and Kristin Libberton. The Employment Services Division is part of the Human Resources […]

Metro Minutes: Where Does it all go?

Have you ever wondered what happens to your water once it goes down your drain, sink, or toilet? Find out more about our efforts to treat wastewater and recover resources […]

Essential Workers – Featuring Metro’s Warehouse Crew

The Warehouse Crew includes Fabian Morine, Tom Copeland, Stan Light, Tawnya Thorfinson, Jordyn West,
Denise Manguso, and Kevin Cline (left to right; not pictured, Patricia Contreras).

Harnessing the Power of Data at Metro Water Recovery

Wastewater treatment plants around the world are utilizing the power of data to reduce costs and improve operations. However, working with data at large organizations like Metro Water Recovery presents numerous challenges. Employees in different […]

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work at NTP

Quite literally, without the expertise of our employees who serve in the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Departments, our services would not run. Without their extensive knowledge of systems, processes, technology […]

Metro Water Recovery Employees Supported by Award-Winning Wellness Program

Metro Water Recovery provides a support station during Denver’s annual Bike to Work Day event. Staffed by volunteers at Metro, the station offers water, snacks, and bicycle tools for event participants from the community. On the day of the […]

2021 Chairman’s Award Announced

Left to right: Patricia Lopez (Employment Manager, HR), Colleen Dempsey (Director of Human Resources), and Scott Twombly (Board Chairman) pose for a photo during the December Metro Water Recovery Board […]