Is it okay to flush cat litter down the toilet?  

Metro Water Recovery does not recommend flushing cat litter down the toilet, even if it is labeled “flushable.” While flushable cat litter is made from biodegradable materials, cat feces may […]

Water Quality Division Wraps Up 2022 Electrofishing Surveys

Since the early 1970’s, Metro Water Recovery has monitored the water quality of the South Platte River. Every fall, Metro’s Water Quality Division conducts field surveys and bio-assessments to determine how […]

Where Does Your Water Flow After it Swirls Down the Drain?

The average U.S. household uses 50-80 gallons of water each day. It swirls down the drain, but where does it all go? Between two wastewater treatment facilities, Metro Water Recovery […]

Charting Our Course – The 2022 Strategic Plan Update

2016 was only a handful of years ago, yet how the world has changed between then and now. Barack Obama was President of the United States, Star Wars: The Force […]

What’s in the Water? Check out Our Report and Infographic

To clean water and recover resources from 2.2 million people is a tricky business that takes a lot of technology. Metro’s technology is timed, designed, and built to meet environmental […]

Guide to PFAS: Help Us Keep PFAS out of the Water Cycle

Paddle boarders enjoying the still waters of Barr Lake. With your careful power of choice as a consumer, you can help us limit PFAS from entering the water cycle to […]