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Summer Heralds a Busy Season for METROGRO Farm 

And Then There’s Fire…  Another challenge in the summer growing season is fire, which can be one of the most dangerous risks for the farm. The summer brings thunderstorms to the farm which usually is a welcome harbinger of incoming rain. However, a dry crop like wheat can easily catch fire by lightning strikes.   Looking […]

RR&R Department Celebrates 50 Years

The Resource Recovery and Reuse (RR&R) Department has played a pivotal role in Metro Water Recovery’s mission to protect the region’s health and environment by cleaning water and recovering resources. Metro recently passed a milestone by celebrating the 50th anniversary of the establishment of this department. RR&R was established in 1974 by William “Bill” Martin, […]

Metro Honors 9 Businesses with Gold Award Status

On May 22, Metro Water Recovery hosted the 2024 Gold Awards Ceremony. The ceremony is held every year and honors companies that achieve 100 percent compliance of industrial pretreatment requirements. This year, nine companies were awarded gold recognition for their efforts in 2023. Metro’s Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP) team members work alongside businesses who discharge […]

Warrant Authority Bill Signed into Law

State Representative Gabe Evans was a great fit for this. Rep. Evans spent 10 years as a law enforcement officer in the City of Arvada and has extensive experience with administrative warrants and local codes. Metro also worked to identify additional legislative sponsors; Rep. Brianna Titone, Sen. Kevin Priola, and Sen. Bob Gardner joined as […]

On the Road with METROGRO

The flow to Metro Water Recovery’s facilities never stops, and neither does the need for delivering our class B biosolids to area farm sites.   METROGRO® Cake is the final product of our biosolids dewatering process where solids are recycled and repurposed to be safely used for agricultural land application. Named for the batter-like consistency, the […]

Celebrating Metro’s Engineers 

Running Sunday, February 18th through Saturday, February 24th, National Engineers Week is a unique celebration of engineering professions. The week aims to:   The week is hosted by the National Society of Professional Engineers. Since Metro relies on the expertise of many engineers to help us accomplish our important mission, we’re featuring two of Metro’s finest.   Renee […]

On the Ground with Facilities Maintenance

There are many moving parts when it comes to treating wastewater, and one of the most important jobs in our process is to make sure that those moving parts are serviced and properly working. That’s where our Facilities Maintenance (FM) team comes in. The FM team is a team whose daily job is to service […]

Metro Welcomes Flows from Todd Creek Village Metropolitan District 

As a wholesale wastewater treatment provider, Metro Water Recovery proudly serves local governments—including municipalities and special districts—that we call connectors. Today, we’re pleased to announce that Todd Creek Village Metropolitan District (TCVMD) is Metro’s newest connector, joining our partnership with 61 other local governments.   The Special Connectors Agreement was signed on December 21, 2023, making […]

2023 Board Chair Award Winner Announced

In fact – on PAR 1382: North Complex Gas System Replacement Project – Jim laid out a phasing plan to allow the contractor to complete the gas line replacement in the north complex with very minimal outages and reduced the temporary heating requirements, thus reducing the anticipated project costs. Jim works tirelessly to meet Department […]

After the Harvest – A METROGRO Farm Special  

Due to a very wet summer, the wheat harvest fell behind schedule across Colorado making for one of the latest wheat harvests in recorded history; truly an unprecedented year at our METROGRO Farm. Fortunately, as winter approaches, the crops have been harvested, and while the silos are filled with wheat, there’s still quite a bit […]