Industrial Pretreatment Program

The U.S. Congress created the national EPA-mandated Pretreatment program in 1972.

This program protects the nation’s wastewater treatment plants and waterways from discharges of toxic and other pollutants.   

Many industries must pretreat wastewater before sending it to the sewer. This protects the wastewater treatment process, water quality, and facilities.

What Does Metro’s IPP Do?

The EPA approved Metro Water Recovery’s own Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP) on August 25, 1986. Metro’s IPP administers pretreatment regulations to make sure the wastewater generated by industries in our service area is treated properly.  Pretreatment also helps to protect Metro employees and the public.

Metro’s IPP team members work with businesses who discharge to our connectors. This includes several different types of activities:

  • Identifying and maintaining a list of businesses
  • Inspecting businesses
  • Evaluating business operations and waste streams
  • Notifying businesses of applicable requirements, which could include obtaining a Metro IPP permit and/or Implementing best management practices (BMPs)
  • Collecting samples
  • Reviewing data and reports
  • Evaluating compliance
  • Providing compliance assistance to businesses
  • Taking formal enforcement action where necessary

Metro’s IPP also guides the Hauled Waste Program and the Dental Amalgam Control Program. Click the buttons below to learn more, or scroll down for more information about Metro’s IPP.

South Platte River
South Platte River
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Site visit of industrial user Rocky Mountain Bottling

What Industries are Regulated by Metro’s IPP? 

All businesses — including industrial, commercial and governmental establishments — that discharge anything other than normal sanitary wastewater are subject to the requirements of the IPP.  Under its IPP, Metro does not have authority to regulate any domestic discharges from residences.

Industrial Pretreatment Wastewater Discharge Information Form & PFAS Survey

As an alternative to the hard copy Wastewater Discharge Information Form & PFAS Survey (WDIF), the link below will allow you to fill out the form electronically. Please follow the prompts in the form and do not leave any sections blank. If it does not apply , mark “N/A”. There are three additional links to reference documents below. The attachments do not have to be returned with your completed form; they are for your records.

If you have any questions regarding the form or the Industrial Pretreatment Program, please call or contact Chip Padilla at 303-286-3394 or

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