Industrial Pretreatment Program

The U.S. Congress created the national EPA-mandated Pretreatment program in 1972.

This program protects the nation’s wastewater treatment plants and waterways from discharges of toxic and other pollutants.

Metro Water Recovery administers pretreatment regulations to make sure the wastewater generated by industries is treated properly.  

Many industries must pretreat wastewater before sending it to the sewer. This protects the wastewater treatment process, water quality, and our facilities. Pretreatment also helps to protect Metro employees and the public.

South Platte River
South Platte River
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What Industries Are Regulated by this Program? 

All businesses — including industrial, commercial and governmental establishments — that discharge anything other than normal sanitary wastewater are subject to the requirements of the Pretreatment Program.  
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South Platte River upstream of the Robert W. Hite Treatment Facility

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