Heat Recovery Program

Are you a real estate developer in the Denver metro area? Free access to a sustainable heating source may be available near your real estate development.

Globally there are hundreds of installations in operation that use wastewater for thermal energy recovery. These systems have been installed at both the building energy scale (10 kilowatts) and the campus energy scale (20 megawatts) in cities like Vancouver, B.C., Oslo, Norway, and Colorado’s very own town of Avon.

The heat available in wastewater pipelines is a proven thermal energy source.

The thermal energy in these pipelines offers an odorless, low carbon option for indoor heating, similar to other geothermal exchange systems 

This innovative technology uses reliable, well-established heat transfer technology to extract the heat and distribute it to nearby homes and businesses 

Renewable Heating

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Downtown Denver

A model for sustainable high-density development.

Reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared to natural gas or electric baseboard heating
Offers an opportunity for LEED credits 
Aligns with city sustainability goals and the potential to attract an eco-conscious clientele 
Contains ample energy for campus-scale developments. Metro Water Recovery’s pipeline system could meet the heating needs of the cities of Arvada and Thornton combined 

How it works.

Hot water from homes and businesses goes down the drain and into sewer pipelines
Through a heat exchange system, heat is transferred from the warm wastewater to a circulation loop, similar to a traditional geoexchange system 
This provides homes and businesses with a reliable, safe, and efficient energy source 
Heat recovery diagram

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If your future real estate development is in our service area, reach out to us to learn more about this opportunity.

Submit an inquiry using this form or contact Kelley Merritt, Public Information Officer, for information on a free consultation at KMerritt@MetroWaterRecovery.com or 303-286-3455

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