Metro Safety Awareness Orientation

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Metro Water Recovery (Metro) strives to ensure that our employees, contractors, vendors and the public have the necessary safety knowledge to make safe and sound decisions while on our sites. 

This orientation must be completed before your anticipated activities with Metro may begin.  Accident prevention is an important part of every job.  Collectively, it is our duty to perform our work courteously, efficiently, and with the maximum regard for safety. 

This Contractor, Vendor, and Visitor Safety Awareness Orientation contains general safety expectations applicable to all visitors while at a Metro site.  Visitors are expected to follow all federal, state and local safety and health regulations applicable to their organization, their internal company procedures and Metro environmental, health and safety procedures. 

All Visitors must complete the applicable Safety Orientation training (video on this page) for the correct location.  A Spanish version is available.  After completing the orientation, all visitors must sign the Acknowledgement of Understanding form located on this page.  It is encouraged that all visitors also review the applicable Contractor, Vendor and Visitor Safety and Health Manual, either non-construction-based work or construction-based work, for the site they are visiting. 

Our combined effort in these safety efforts will ensure that Metro is a safe place to work and visit. 

Safety Orientation Training Videos

Acknowledgement of Understanding Form

After watching the appropriate training video above, you must complete the form below.

Safety Manuals

Please contact your Metro Project Manager (MPM) or sponsor with any questions