Meet Metro’s Process Control Engineers

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Metro’s Process Control Engineers are the men behind the curtain when it comes to our advanced and innovative treatment processes.

This team designs, develops, and implements solutions to manage the treatment process control systems for the Robert W. Hite Treatment Facility (RWHTF), Northern Treatment Plant (NTP), and Transmission System. Also known by employees as the Control Systems Group, they support Operations, Maintenance, and capital project teams, providing automation, analytics, instrumentation, graphic user interfaces, reporting, and training.

Members of this team are working on capital projects this year that range from energy management to treatment process to transmission system and include the following.

>>Advanced Data Analysis Software for Process Optimization

>>Aeration Control Strategy Review and Implementation

>>Electrical Transmission Service Substations

>>Lift Station Fixed Asset Replacements

>>Solids Processing Improvements

>>South Headworks and Grease Processing Improvements

We are thankful for this critical team for keeping Metro’s processes operating smoothly. You are sincerely appreciated.

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