Keeping Our Mobile Teams Moving – RR&R Managers and Planners

Five men and two women standing before a large photo of a lake

Managers and Planners in Metro’s Resource Recovery and Reuse department (RR&R) direct and support teams focused on the Transmission System, the METROGRO Farm, and the fleet which supports those facilities.

The work of the RR&R Managers and Planners ranges from scheduling interceptor cleanings and line locates, to tracking Class B biosolids application on farmland and capital projects at the Robert W. Hite Treatment Facility, to researching and ordering parts and equipment and scheduling routine maintenance. They are involved in some of Metro’s critical infrastructure projects, such as the following:

>> Fort Lupton Connection
>> Hydraulic Modeling Support
>> Interceptor Rehabilitation 2020-2022
>> Second Creek Interceptor
>> Thornton-North Washington Lift Station Replacement

All seven of Metro’s RR&R Planners and Managers have been here for more than 20 years – a rarity in today’s workforce and even here, where employees tend to stay for years with the organization. We asked each of these RR&R team members why they are glad they stayed around so long and put their answers into the video below.

We are thankful for these employees for keeping our mobile teams moving. We would be lost without you.

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