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Metro Water Recovery Supports Employees Through Industry-Leading Health and Safety Program

a Metro employee wearing a hazmat suit while working at our facility

Metro Water Recovery is committed to a safe and responsible working environment. Our Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) division is dedicated to ensuring the safety of all Metro employees and visitors to our facilities. Metro strives to be an industry leader for employee safety and health where employees have an active role in developing related policies and procedures.   

Metro’s safety program employs the use of online proactive reporting tools, offers extensive training, and strengthens the safety culture by supporting employee participation with an effective safety recognition program. Learn more about our safety program below.  


A large, complex organization like Metro requires many precautions to ensure the safety of our employees. Metro’s EHS Division directs all required training for employees and the demands of their work. Some examples of training include confined space entry, fall protection, hazard communication, lockout tagout, ergonomics, and more.  

Safety Performance Award Program & Campaigns  

Metro established its Safety Performance Awards Program in 2003 to give special recognition to employees who exhibit outstanding safety performance. The Program encourages employees to report safety observations and close calls. EHS also leads safety reporting campaigns to help promote safety among all employees, regardless of whether they work in plant/field areas or in an office setting. After nearly 20 years, these efforts have promoted a stronger safety culture and has prevented workplace incidents.   

Safety Committee 

Metro provides safety oversight through a Safety Committee, which is attended by EHS and employees across the organization. Employees are encouraged to attend committee meetings, where they can play a key role in shaping safety policies and procedures.  


The safety and comfort of all employee workstations is paramount at Metro. EHS supports employees through an ergonomics program. Interested employees can request an ergonomics evaluation to prevent or mitigate the negative impacts of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) and repetitive motion injuries. Employees can request equipment such as ergonomic furniture, keyboards, standing desk stations, and more.  

Safety Talks and Resources  

EHS leads safety talks on various topics of concern to employees, such as the service life of personal protective equipment (PPE), walking on snow and ice, safe vehicle backing, and more. EHS also maintains an extensive site on our intranet dedicated to providing resources and documents to support employee health and safety.  

Ensuring the health and safety of all employees is a priority at Metro. Are you ready to make an impact? Learn more about working at Metro here.

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