Essential Workers – Featuring Metro’s Warehouse Crew

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Essential workers in Colorado include Metro Water Recovery employees, who provide a basic community service. These workers make sure the water used in our service area gets cleaned before returning to the South Platte River for downstream uses.

Metro’s 427 employees include a team who are essential to all the rest of us and our teams, projects, and departments—the Warehouse Crew. This crew of eight keeps Metro’s facilities operating by being the go-to crew for parts and supplies in the 33,000-square foot warehouse at the RWHTF. This newly renovated facility houses parts and equipment corresponding to 11,000 part numbers, with some numbers comprising multiple items.

Employees submit procurement requests using electronic Pick Tickets and work orders, purchase orders, or PAR numbers. Warehouse Crew members research, order, receive, and deliver items for their co-workers. Employees also may contact or visit the Warehouse service window to pick up their orders or talk over their needs. Warehouse Crew members rotate tasks on a set schedule to get a thorough knowledge of Metro inventory.

Warehouse Operations Lead Kevin Cline explains why they are essential to Metro’s essential workers: “We help everyone get what they need to get their job done.” Stan Light, Warehouse Operation Supervisor, describes this crew as a “fantastic team. Very proud of them and honored to work with such outstanding people. I am truly blessed.”

Stewardship of Warehouse items includes cyclical inventories involving manual counts every year. For the last three years, the Warehouse Crew has achieved 100 percent accuracy between what is in Metro’s Enterprise Asset Management and what is on the shelves.

We’re thankful this team keeps Metro moving. You are sincerely appreciated.

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