A view of the Northern Treatment Facility with Clarifiers and Facility buildings.

Metro Water Recovery expands service area near Brighton. Todd Creek Village Metropolitan District becomes 62nd connector 

BRIGHTON — Providing water treatment and resource recovery across the growing Front Range, Metro Water Recovery has welcomed Todd Creek Village Metropolitan District as its newest connector. 

As a wholesale wastewater treatment provider, Metro now serves 62 local governments — including municipalities and special districts — called connectors. The connectors in turn serve approximately 2.2 million people in the Denver metro area. 

The Special Connectors Agreement between TCVMD and Metro was signed Dec. 21, 2023. Metro will begin to accept flows from the new connector in late 2025 at the Northern Treatment Plant in Brighton. 

“With this agreement, Metro will provide high-quality water treatment and resource recovery services to people in the Todd Creek area, which will benefit the region and the environment,” said Mickey Conway, chief executive officer for Metro. 

TCVMD sits just west of the Northern Treatment Plant. See the attached map for details on Metro’s expanded service area. 

“Since 1998, TCVMD has been providing water services to very unique areas in northern Adams and southern Weld counties,” TCVMD President Don Summers said. “We are currently servicing approximately 7,300 residents. TCVMD is happy to now offer wastewater services to our customers as well.” 

TCVMD is Metro’s newest connector since 2022, when Fort Lupton signed a service agreement. The Northern Treatment Plant will begin accepting Fort Lupton’s flows in late 2025 as well. 

About Metro Water Recovery 

Metro Water Recovery was formed under Colorado law in 1961. Metro is the largest resource recovery and clean water agency in the Rocky Mountain West, serving approximately 2.2 million people in an 805 square-mile area. In partnership with 62 local governments, including municipalities and special districts, we clean millions of gallons of water every day to be suitable for agriculture, aquatic life, recreation, and water supply. 

An updated service map of Metro's service area including Todd Creek