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Electrical Transmission Service Substation

What is the Electrical Transmission Service Substation?  

Metro Water Recovery serves some 2.2 million Coloradans, and its Robert W. Hite Treatment Facility (RWHTF) reclaims about 130 million gallons of water every day. To improve reliability of this essential water infrastructure, a new electrical substation is being designed at the RWHTF. The project will minimize power outages and related facility shutdowns, as well as provide additional capacity required for future operations and regulatory changes to continuously improve regional air and water quality.

The project will result in a more resilient, dependable, and cost-effective power supply for the region’s essential water infrastructure.

Existing System Challenges

  • Electrical grid reliability: Roughly 15 power outages per year
  • Aging infrastructure: More frequent future power outages
  • Limited capacity: Limited ability to expand existing grid
  • High electricity costs: Metro is one of the largest single users on existing grid

Project Benefits

  • Improved reliability: Redundant system with virtually no interruptions
  • Long-term solution: Required for future operations and regulatory changes
  • Increased capacity: Increases ability to improve regional air and water quality
  • Reduced costs: Savings of roughly $725,000 in annual energy costs

About the Project Site

  • Owned by Metro (23.4 acres with 4.4 acres for anticipated project site)
  • Located in unincorporated Adams County
  • Undeveloped and un-platted property (A-1 Zoning)
  • Located within 100-year floodplain (requires mitigation)
  • Close proximity to existing Xcel transmission line

Neighborhood Meeting & Virtual Open House

  • Meeting will be held Wednesday, January 19 from 5:00-6:30 pm
  • See mailer on right for more meeting details


Above: Proposed location of the electrical substation

Resources and Documents

Decorative background waves
project schedule for the substation
Timeline for the RWHTF electrical transmission substation