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Essential Crew at the Northern Treatment Plant

The Facilities Maintenance (FM) crew at the Northern Treatment Plant (NTP) has grown quickly into its own powerhouse team since the facility started up six years ago with a skeleton crew.  

When asked to describe their work, one joked, “We fix broke stuff,” and another laughed, “and clean stinky stuff.” This team performs a broad variety of activities including heavy equipment operation and crane checks, process tank cleaning, grounds and building caretaking, snow removal, plumbing repairs, meeting setup and teardown, and holiday decorating. 

The crew includes veterans from NTP’s startup days, who have a deep understanding of the site, its operations, its role in the region and industry, and how the facility has grown and established best practices. Some team members worked on the post-anaerobic digester cleaning project before this team was formed. They anticipate supporting the effluent chiller pilot project under construction. 

“We have a very well-rounded crew that handles a multitude and very wide variety of FM functions for all of NTP.” Supervisor Christeen Thyfault readily brags about her team’s skills, “They’re very good at problem solving. I bring it to these guys, and they find a solution.” 
Northern Treatment Plant FM crew
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