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Summer and Fall Harvest on the METROGRO Farm

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Summer wheat awaiting 2021 harvest on the METROGRO Farm

Located approximately 65 miles east of metropolitan Denver, the METROGRO Farm is owned and operated by Metro Water Recovery. Metro acquired the 52,000-acre Farm in the late 20th century as a dedicated site to beneficially reuse the tons of Class B biosolids we produce every day. Application of this nitrogen-rich fertilizer product to dryland and irrigated farming sites is highly regulated and monitored and keeps the biosolids out of local landfills.

Metro grows a range of crops at the Farm, such as winter wheat, sorghum-sudangrass, and corn. The 2021 summer wheat harvest on the METROGRO Farm yielded a total of 293,000 bushels from 12,000 acres, resulting in a yield of about 24 bushels per acre. Of this yield, 120,000 bushels were sold, and 175,000 bushels are currently stored in grain bins at the Farm for sale later.​

The 2021 fall harvest yielded about 30,300 bushels of milo from just under 1,663 acres. The milo is currently stored in the grain bins as Metro seeks the best market.​

Interested in learning more? Click here to read more about Metro’s Class B biosolids and farming operations.

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Jason Menor, Mike Callahan, Jason Zimbelman, Rienna Nuber, Tom Acampora and Jack Hennes (left to right) at a biosolids transfer site on the METROGRO Farm during fall harvest.

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Milo on the stalk awaiting fall harvest.

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Harvested milo transferring from truck to bin.

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