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Our 2021 Annual Report Is Online

Cleaning and recovering water and resources from approximately 2.2 million people in our service area is a complex, community effort. Metro Water Recovery’s 2021 annual report highlights how communities inside and outside the organization are working together to make used water usable again for agriculture, aquatic life, drinking water, and recreation.

Click on the link below to read the report.

The 2021 annual report provides a glimpse into how Metro is attaining the seven goals from our 2016 Strategic Plan. The report is designed to be a quick read, with short write-ups, graphics, and photos. Most of the stories include links to web pages where interested readers may learn more. Details about Metro’s 2021 financials may be found in a separate document on the website, the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report.

Metro’s communities are connected by pipes and people with a common drive for better water. Employees from all Metro departments joined together to share their good work in the 2021 annual report. The creators and compilers of this report are extending a deep and heartfelt appreciation for everyone’s work on the report and their enthusiasm for sharing what we do with people outside the organization.

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