Metro Wastewater Reclamation District Becomes Metro Water Recovery

DENVER, September 1 — After years of research and collaboration, the Metro Wastewater Reclamation District welcomes a new name Metro Water Recovery – which better reflects the value we bring to our communities.  With a refreshed logo and look, we’re happy to present this new brand, starting with the official launch on Wednesday, September 1.

The Collaboration, Customer Service, Employer of Choice, Regulatory Engagement, and Culture of Innovation goals set forth in Metro’s 2016 Strategic Plan support a more outward-facing organization.  More specifically, the Culture of Innovation directs Metro to measure and increase the organization’s reputation and brand awareness.  A related strategy outlined in the plan focuses on updating the public image to reflect changes within the industry.

A committee was established in September 2018 to evaluate and provide recommendations for enhancing the brand.  There are eight committee members that represent the Board of Directors and Metro employees.  Through the standard procurement process, 9th Wonder was the consultant chosen to lead the effort.

The brand committee launched a phased project to complete brand research and analysis, define a brand direction, complete an assessment of implementation risk, and develop a recommendation to increase brand identity

About Metro Water Recovery

Metro Water Recovery was formed under Colorado law in 1961 and is the largest wastewater treatment facility in the Rocky Mountain West.  Metro works with 61 local governments, including cities, sanitation districts, and water and sanitation districts. They, in turn, provide retail wastewater service to some 2.2 million people in a 805 square-mile service area in metropolitan Denver.